Kenamju Trainingcamp
Let’s improve together!

Topjudo Kenamju based in Haarlem, Netherlands (approx. 30 mins from Amsterdam) invites international and national judo teams to come and train with us  at the Kenamju training facilities in Haarlem.
Kenamju is the home of these judoka’s.
At Topjudo Kenamju we offer top level training for various age groups (-15, -18, -21 and seniors) during the week.
It is also possible to join the district and the national selection training.

Train with us and let’s improve together!

Training details/facilities:
Topjudo Kenamju training on Monday, Thursday and Friday in Haarlem.
District training on Wednesday (depending on the level of the judoka) in Haarlem.
National training on Tuesday (different location & depending on the level of the judoka).
Strength training is available on request.
Physiotherapist and Sports Doctor are available at an extra cost.
Free parking by the dojo.

Various levels of accommodation are available, some within walking distance of the dojo depending on the wishes and budget of the guests.
Meals on request depending on the wishes and budget of the guests.
Various transport options are available, depending on the wishes and budget of the teams.

Location & Leisure activities:
Excellent location, close by the beach, Amsterdam center (approx. 30 mins by public transport) and Amsterdam airport (Schiphol, less than 1 hour by public transport).
Numerous leisure activities (ice-skating, bowling, squash and strength training) are located close to the dojo.

What are the costs?
Train for free with Topjudo Kenamju.
Accommodation costs ranging from ……………..
Food and drink costs to be paid by the guests.
Good value public transport is available, other transport options are also available on request.
Free parking.

Our judoka’s
World champions: Dennis van der Geest, Ruben Houkes, Guillaume Elmont
European champions: Maarten Arens, Dex Elmont, Jenny Gal, Jessica Gal, Elco van der Geest, Henk Grol, Patrick van Kalken, Ben Sonnemans, Kim Polling and Claudia Zwiers
Other judoka’s: Frank de Wit, Do Velema, Thierno Balde, Roy Schipper, Jorien Visser, Tornike Tjakadoea, Dani Libosan, Kitty Bravik, Neal van der Kamer, Jasper de Jong, Mikos Salminen, Benito Maij



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